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Ecological Services

Site Assessment

We offer ecological design and consulting, floristic inventory, site assessment, invasive species mapping, and wetland mitigation monitoring for public, commercial, and residential projects.

Invasive Species Management

We have extensive experience in managing a wide variety of invasive plant species.  We are able to quickly and accurately identify invasive species in any season and determine the most effective method of control.  All field staff are MDARD certified herbicide applicators.

Native Plant Installation

From large wetland mitigation projects to small rain gardens, our crew is ready to install any quantity of plants for your project.

Native Landscape Maintenance

Our crew is experienced at maintaining the full spectrum of native landscape projects including prairie plantings, woodland restorations, rain gardens, stormwater basins and residential landscapes.

Custom growing 

We frequently grow orders to meet specific project requirements. We can utilize seed provided to us or seed we collected.  Timing is the most important factor.  Although it may only take 6-8 weeks to produce some of the faster growing species from seed, there is only one opportunity a year to collect seed — therefore it is critical that you plan ahead.

Custom Seed Collecting

If your project requires site-sourced seed, we can collect and process this seed for you.  It is important to note that the window of opportunity to collect any given species is usually only a couple of weeks each season so please plan ahead.

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